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The Wikka Weigh

with D.J. Alec

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Friday 2:00 pm 4:00 pm

The Wikka Weigh. It's the Wikka Weigh.

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Welcome to the Wikka Weigh, the show where D.J. Alec says what comes to mind and plays what comes to the studio's physical media interfaces!


Hi, I’m D.J. Alec. I see you’ve clicked the “READ MORE” button. Well, here’s more. You may read it.

The Wikka Weigh is a fun-filled fantastical radio experience involving fine tracks hand-selected by D.J. Alec himself. Alec also say things between the songs. Sometimes he’s lucky enough to say something intelligent; however, coherence is never guaranteed. Some of the things you may hear on the show are as follows: Icehouse, Midnight Oil, Shermin, Wads Food Hacks, Classix Nouveaux, DHH News, Sir Bertrand, D.J. Alec getting off topic, and Neil Young.

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