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When we radioheads that have been around the scene for some time here in Houghton think of our favorite geek, the name "Radio Ron" many times comes up. Ron arrived in Houghton in 1987 following a military career where he was able to cut his teeth in communications. Since then, Ron has been very active with recording in the local music scene, local radio, and is currently in charge of many local radio towers. He is passionate about the technology of radio and music in general. During his early DJing career in Houghton, he could be heard on the local WOLF radio with his show "Beyond the Edge" spinning, yes actually spinning, 80's and 90's alternative. Since then, Ron has found a home as the Engineer at WMTU and currently drives his wife and friends crazy with explanations of all things radio that only the true nerd can appreciate. He currently has moved his Beyond the Edge show to WMTU and can be witnessed both on the air and behind the scenes sharing his vast knowledge and truly keeping the invisible airwaves crackling with light. He is a radio person’s radio person and truly loves to be surrounded by this environment. Don't let Ron too near to any of your electronics- he has been known to break things in order to be able to have something to fix. He loves radio and will steal your old telephones because he is fascinated with those too.